Compositions written by 6th class pupils

A day in the life of Jack Robinson

(written by Vanessa Kleinwächter , 6a )


I’m sure you know me. My name is Jack Robinson. Didn’t you learn about me in History or Englisg lessons? Today I want to tell you a story. It was really funny. Sit down, close your eyes and listen!
Usuaölly I’m not nasty. But in 1st April you must have some fun. Don’t you think the same? All the days of the year i visit the people because the most of them haven’t got many visitors and are alone. And I don’t take much time. I just say „Hello“ and „Goodbye“. The people know that. My visits are very famous. A few families do not like them. But old people, for exampla, love me.
And then there was the 1st April and on this day I had an idea. Maybe, I thought, it`s a pain for a few people but that’s the fun for me. So I took my jacket and went outside. The houses were all red and had wooden foofs. I went to the first house anh knocked. But I was not lucky because nobody was at home. Do you already know what I wanted to do?  I’m sure you don’t. I went to the next house and there I asked myself a question: Shall I go into this house? The problem was, in this house lived a woman and this woman liked my visits. I wanted to be a pain for these people. Just on this day, of course. That you can understand this I must tell you my 1st April ideas. It was to visit people who didn’t like my visits again and again. But is this really nasty?  I think so. A long time I stood on the street and thought. Then I said to myself: I can visit them later. First I wanted to have fun. So I went down the street and chose the house of Mr Brown. He was an old and very rich. And he didn’t like any visitors. I knocked . Mr Brown came out and saw me. “ Hello“ I said and he shouted „Go away!“ – „Goodbye“, I said and Mr Brown closed the door. Bur then I knocked again and went into the house. „Hello“ I shouted. „You again?“ sceamed Mr Brown. „Goodbye“ I shouted and went outside. Then I counted from 1 to 20 and after that I knocked again. „Hello“, „Outside“! Mr Brown shouted. „Goodbye I said and laughed. That was really funny. But not enough. I knocked again. He opened and said: „You’re a pain“ . „Goodbye“, I laughed and laughed. Mr Brown’s face was red and he shouted: „LET IT BE“. I remembered the time when I was a little boy. I did that then, too. One time again. So I knocked and Mr Robinson said:“ That’s not funny! Go away or… or…“ . „Hello and Goodbye I said. Then I left. I smiled and went to the next house.
So, that’s the end of my story. Did you like it? I had a great day . Do you want to do that too? But don’t do it too often, that’s nasty. And maybe you must run away. I wish you a nice day!
Your Vanessa



A day in the life of Jack Robinson

(written by Tabea Fischer 6S)


Jack Robinson was a very friendly man. He lived in London. He thought that he had to say hello to everybody in London when he would like to be a friendly man, so he went to every house. But he didn’t have time because he wanted on every day to all people say hello and this wasn’t very easy. He wanted to brake his own record = say hello to two million people on only one day. So he rang on a door and somebody opened it. Fack said:“Hello! Goodbye!“ and went to the next house. It was a boring day and it was raining a lot when Jack Robinson broke his record at the second time. Up to now nobody broke the record. A man made a report with Jack about his record. He said hello to four million people on this day.  That was great for him because he was famous and he didn’t want to be a friendly man, that was enough friendliness. But sometimes saw the reporter him and Jack made it like in former times: He weht from house to house, rang at the door, somebody opened it and he said:“Hello! Goodbye!“. When he died he was eighty-six years old. People say that he rings again and again on a door. But when somebody opens it , no one is there because Jack is a ghost.
From this story we have the idiom:
„Faster than you can say  JACK ROBINSON“



A day in the life of a real Londoner

( written by Tabea Fischer , 6S )


Hi, my name is Marc. I come from London and I’m a real Londoner. It’s very expensive here because London is big and you must take a transport when you would like to move in London. I always take the Tube when I must go to work. My work is sales manager in the shop Hamleys. It’s the best toyshop in the world. At seven o’clock in the morning I start with my work. Two hours later I go by Tube to a conference with my boss. We speak about the things from the last day. When I must go back to Hamleys it is ten o’clock. At my work it is as normal as always. At twelve o’clock it’s a braek. I go to the eatery on the opposite of Hamleys. It is a pizza-eatery. After that I meet my friends and we go to the cinema, watch the newest films and talk with each other of us. I must go to my work again at four o’clock. In the evening at 8 o’clock my work ends. I go home and phone my friends. Their work isn’t as long as my. But I love my work. It’s great to see a children’s smile when they get a toy. I go to bed at ten. This is the end of a very busy day in my life. Bye!
Your Marc