England 2000: Our educational trip to England

Days before our trip to England we were excited, nervous and full of expectations…



On June, 3rd we – students of the 10th and 11th form – met at GymnasiumGerstungen to storm the bus. After packing all the suitcases into the busand finding seats upstairs we began our 10-hours trip to Calais (France).From there we went by ferry and arrived Dover (England) after one and ahalf hour. But that was not the end of the long journey because we had alook at all the important sights of London. Everybody was done, but themeeting with our host parents brought big relief.


The next day began at 9 o’clock and with rucksacks andlunch packages we drove to the centre of London again. There we were atMadame Tussaud’s. Then some of us went shopping, others visited moresights of London. The highlight of the day was the musical Buddy Holly.Late in the evening we arrived at our host families. Early in the nextmorning we had to pack because of going to another part of Britain. So wewere excited and looking forward to seeing our new host families.


In the morning we drove to Windsor and had a look at Windsor Castle.Afterwards we visited Winchester and its wonderful cathedral. ArrivingBournemouth late in the afternoon we got to know our new families. Everybody washappy to have a shower. Some students met in the evening and looked for a pub tohave an amusing night. But: pubs close at 11; no alcoholic drinks if you areunder 18.On Thursday morning we drove through the New Forest to have a look atthe wild horses. Then we visited Belieau, the museum of old vehicles wasespecially interesting. On the way to Belieau Tobias T. was too enthusiastic andwanted to show his strength. His bottle of water exploded in the bus after beingshaken too long. All the people around him, even the teachers got wet.


The afternoon was free to discover Bournemouth. Most of usspent the day on the beach and Michelle B., Anja K. and Stefanie K. werecourageous enough to „fight“ with the cold water.After meeting in the pubagain we were happy to fall into our beds.The following morning we startedour way home along the coast via Arundel, Brighton to Dover. There we tookthe ferry back to Calais. Then the bus was our home for the nextnight. Most of us were very tired and tried to sleep. You could see thefunniest positions e.g. Stephanie G. on the floor in the middle of thebus; Diana B. and Christina H. had their feet everywhere.

The breakfast at Mc Donald’s was the end of this wonderful trip toEngland.




































written by St. Karbe and M. Stegmann